About Our Products


We use the safest materials in the mattress industry, guaranteed. Our foam is CertiPur Certified, which means it's toxin free and meets the highest health standards in the industry.

There is a natural scent when unpacking our mattress for the first time. This smell will dissipate within a few hours when well ventilated.

Following the South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. ruling, all online retailers that generate substantial economic activity in that state must now collect sales tax. If you are being charged sales tax by Brooklyn Bedding, but live outside of South Dakota, it means your select state now requires collection of the tax as well.


Our foundations vary in height depending on the type of foundation. Below are the heights and available clearance space for each of our foundations.

Foundation (storage space beneath foundation)
Electric Adjustable Base Foundation approx. 10” 12”
High Rise Platform Foundation approx. 12” 13.5”
Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation n/a 6.5”

We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 6 to 8 months. This rotation helps evenly distribute weight across the bed.

The flippable design of the EcoSleep Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding allows you to choose your comfort level. Regardless of the side you typically sleep on, it is recommended that you rotate your mattress every 6 to 8 months to prolong the life of your bed.

Any type of support system that provides minimal to no flex will work with our mattress. This includes most platform, slat, and box spring foundations. If you need a foundation for your new mattress, check out our foundations specifically designed for Brooklyn Bedding mattresses here.

Brooklyn Bedding does not use chemical fire sprays or chemical retardants in our mattresses. We do use the highest quality fire retardant socks—a fabric made of a non-woven silica/rayon/polyester/cotton blend. For more information regarding fire retardant fibers, please research Jones Fiber.

All mattresses develop minimal body impressions on contact. We have specifically chosen the most durable foams in the industry with the highest material integrity to minimize body impressions and maximize restorative properties.


No, currently we only offer a wired remote model for the power adjustable base.

The Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation is designed with both vertical and horizontal slats that provide all the needed support. Its design does not require any additional support for your mattress.

The easy zip-off cover for the Simple Life Tri-Fold foundation is available in a combination grey and white as pictured. We currently do not offer the cover in any other colors.

No, we do not currently sell the Simple Life Tri-Fold foundation with a frame. This will need to be purchased separately.

This comes down to personal preference. While it is certainly possible to use a box spring on top of the High Rise Platform foundation, the platform can support either a mattress on its own or a mattress with a box spring.

Sleep Accessories

Our premium bamboo sheets are 350 thread count, offering the best softness and affordability.

Yes, the mattress protector is made of cotton terry, which is designed to be both easy care and hypo-allergenic.

As with all mattress protectors, it will have a very small impact on the overall breathability of your mattress as a trade-off for its superior protection against allergens and fluids. That said, the mattress protector is designed with very breathable materials and will still sleep cool and comfortable.

No, the mattress protector fits like a fitted sheet and therefore is not a full encasement. Made from cotton terry, the mattress protector is designed to be easily machine washable and breathable, distinct from a mattress encasement.

Yes, our sheets are designed to fit mattresses with a thickness from 11" to 14".

Yes, you can adjust the firmness by adding or removing the shredded stuffing. We ship the premium shredded foam pillow overstuffed, and by simply removing some of the stuffing, you can easily adjust to your preferred firmness.

Yes, you can wash the cover of the pillow on a gentle setting.

For the Talalay latex pillow, simply remove the cover, wash on a gentle setting and lay flat to dry.

For the shredded foam pillow, first remove the foam stuffing by putting it into a plastic bag. Wash the cover on a gentle setting and lay flat to dry. Replace the shredded foam once the cover is completely dry.

Choosing a firmness level for your pillow is similar to how you choose a firmness level for your mattress. For side and stomach sleepers, softer levels are recommended, while back and side sleepers will find the medium and firm levels are more supportive and better for spine alignment.

If you need assistance selecting the right firmness level, ask our customer service team by chat or by email at support@brooklynbedding.com.

Selecting a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding does offer custom sizes. Please contact customer support/sales at support@brooklynbedding.com or call 888.210.8751 for more information. Pricing will vary depending on dimensions and availability.

Shipping fees are not charged for standard size mattresses. Custom orders may incur a shipping charge. Please contact customer support for more information.

Selecting a firmness level depends on your sleep needs, common sleep position and personal preference.

If you’d like a personal recommendation or further help selecting a firmness level, you can speak with a Sleep Specialist via email or chat. You can contact a Sleep Specialist here.

Setting up & Caring for your Brooklyn Mattress

You can spot clean the cover with a mild detergent, gently dabbing the cover instead of rubbing it. If you're expecting liquid spills or stains, we recommend investing in a mattress protector which is easily washable.

Mattress protectors are not required, but we highly recommend purchasing one to protect your investment. A mattress protector is great for added protection against dust mites, liquid spills, and extending the life of your mattress. See our mattress protectors here.

It is not necessary to do anything beyond sleeping on your mattress for it to break in naturally, but there are some methods that can help expedite this process. Below are some options if you prefer to speed up the adjustment period of your mattress:

  1. You can either carefully walk across or bounce gently on your mattress to help aerate the fibers and foam within your mattress.
  2. If your bed has pocketed springs, it can help to pull on the edges of your mattress to aid in expansion. Please note that this is not a suggested technique for all-foam mattresses.
  3. Keep the room where your mattress is located well ventilated for the first 24 hours. This will help the odor dissipate and your mattress to aerate fully.

It typically takes around 30 to 45 nights for your mattress to entirely break in, and the same amount of time for your body to adjust to the sensation of a new mattress. Over this period of time, your mattress will reach its optimal softness and allow full aeration.

Because of this adjustment period we require at least 30 days on your new mattress before processing your no-hassle return.

We recommend keeping your mattress in the box for no longer than three weeks after it has arrived at your door. While your mattress is safe to keep rolled for up to three months, compression beyond three weeks does hold some risk for slowing the expansion of your mattress.

If you anticipate a delay in setting up your mattress, our team can delay shipping your mattress after purchase. Contact our customer service team for more information.

For best results, we recommend allowing your mattress to sit between 3 to 5 hours before laying on it. Keep in mind the natural odor in your mattress may take up to 24 hours after unpacking to entirely dissipate.

Setting up your mattress is easy! Simply take the mattress out of the box and lay it on the front of your bed frame. Carefully unwrap or carefully cut the plastic cover to allow for decompression of your mattress. This can take a few minutes to fully decompress.

Note that while the majority of decompression occurs within the first few minutes of unboxing, decompression does continue for up to 24 hours after unwrapping.

Trial Period & Warranty

Yes. Our pillow comes with a 3-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material. Our sheets come with a 1-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material.

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses purchased in a Brooklyn Bedding store or at BrooklynBedding.com come with a full 10-year hassle free warranty that covers any defects or body impressions that measure 1" or more. Our pillow comes with a 3-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material. Our sheets come with a 1-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material.

Yes, our 120-night trial period extends to most sleep accessories*. Should you need to return a product, we ask that you package the merchandise and contact us at support@brooklynbedding.com with package dimensions so that we can email you a prepaid shipping label. We then ask that the merchandise be shipped back to our facility at no charge to you.

*Our 120-night trial does not extend to our power adjustable base foundation, which cannot be returned after purchase. However, we do offer optional 1-year, 3-year and 20-year warranties for an additional cost. Contact our customer service team at support@brooklynbedding.com for more information.

We are confident we have made the best bedding products, so we back them with a generous trial period of 120 nights! We do require that you try your new mattress for at least 30 days from the date of delivery. This gives you ample time to properly adjust to the new materials. The trial date begins when you receive your mattress and can only be used once per customer per calendar year.

Often, a mattress will feel firmer early in the adjustment and breaking in process. If, however, after 30 days your mattress continues to feel too firm, there are a number of ways to help create your ideal firmness level without exchanging your mattress.

We offer a free topper to help make a mattress feel softer without sacrificing support. These toppers are made of high quality foam and help increase pressure point relief. Contact our customer service team for more information.

If after trying a mattress topper you are still not satisfied with the comfort level of your mattress, we can assist you with an exchange or return and full refund.

Shipping & Returns

Unfortunately, shipping fees and any additional shipping fees are not refundable.

After your product is donated or returned, feel free to call us to expedite your refund. We will credit the card you used at the time of your purchase or process your refund via Affirm.com. Credit card refunds can take 3 to 4 business days to show up in your account depending on your banking institution. PayPal refunds are immediately transferred into your account. In some situations, we may need to issue refunds via paper check through U.S. mail, but this is typically due to a change in account information or delayed processing.

Our 120-night offer extends to our accessories. In this case we ask that you package the merchandise, contact us at support@brooklynbedding.com with package dimensions so we can email over a prepaid shipping label to have the merchandise shipped back to our facility at no charge to you.

Returns with Brooklyn Bedding are simple. First contact customer service at support@brooklynbedding.com and we'll send you information regarding our process. In most cases, we request that you have the mattress donated. Many of the charity foundations that are available offer a local pickup service. In the event that you are having trouble getting this coordinated, please let us know and we can offer additional assistance.

Any order placed through Amazon.com for any of our mattresses which is not fulfilled through Brooklyn Bedding or Amazon Prime is not covered under the Brooklyn Bedding Warranty or Trial Policy.

At this time, we only ship within the U.S.A. and Canada. However, if you are located outside of these locations, we recommend looking into "Freight Forwarding Services". We can ship to any location in the U.S.A. and "Freight Forwarding" companies will ship it internationally for you.

Yes, shipping to Hawaii or Alaska starts at $125 per mattress. For a custom quote, please contact us.

Yes, we now offer UPS shipping to Canada. Shipping starts at $250 for a single mattress. For a custom quote, please contact us.

We create tracking numbers in advance, which means it may take 24 to 48 hours for a tracking number to activate. Once FedEx/UPS processes the package at their warehouse the tracking number will activate and shipment data will begin to show.

Below are the average specifications of our mattress boxes. These are general guidelines and, depending on the type of mattress you order, dimensions and weight may vary slightly.

Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 39" x 75" x 10" 58 lbs.
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 10" 60 lbs.
Full 54" x 75" x 10" 85 lbs.
Full XL 54" x 80" x 10" 90 lbs.
Queen 60" x 80" x 10" 100 lbs.
Queen Short 60" x 74" x 10" 100 lbs.
King 76" x 80" x 10" 120 lbs.
Cal King 72" x 84" x 10" 120 lbs.
Split Cal King 36" x 84" x 10" (2) 120 lbs.
It takes 1-3 business days to process your order. From there, we ship your product via FedEx Ground, which can take 3 to 5 business days depending on your location. Shipments cannot be modified after the order has been shipped out. If you have any additional questions, please contact customer service at 888.210.8751.

Unfortunately, after a product has been shipped, it cannot be modified in any way. Cancelled orders are subject to a $60 fee.

You can typically delay your shipment by calling our customer service team at 1-888-210-8751. We can generally ensure that your mattress will arrive within 2 days of your specific date request, but cannot guarantee delivery on a particular day.

In very rare cases, the plastic wrap that keeps your mattress compressed can slightly split open during shipping. Generally, this does not cause any damage to the mattress and does not negatively affect normal expansion of the mattress after full removal of the plastic.

However, if you do notice any damage from split plastic, keep the mattress compressed and take pictures of the split itself, along with any damage you see after expansion. You can contact our customer support team, who will assess the damage and determine if a return and full refund is applicable.

We always recommend lifting the box with assistance from another person. However, if moving the mattress yourself, we suggest using either moving straps or a dolly. Since the mattress is tightly compressed in durable plastic within the box, moderate damage to the box itself should not damage the mattress.